FAQS: Dealers



Carolina Finance, LLC is on both application platforms.

See above €œHow to get signed up€ for a brief explanation. We primarily get most of our business from Franchise dealers due to the type of lower mileage/late model vehicles we normally finance. With that said, we do have a good mix of well established Independents that we do business with in each of our markets that carry a good mix of inventory. We are not limited to lower mileage/late model vehicles, but we are more selective on higher mileage units.

Yes, Carolina Finance, LLc offers terms up to 72 months.

Carolina Finance, LLC can go up to 120-125% max advance depending on the situation.

Carolina Finance, LLC can fund a deal in as little as “same-day” as long as we receive the loan package by 12 noon. All required stips must be in place but we try to never hold up a funding check. If we have what is required and have verified them, we will get your funding check out to you ASAP whether it be overnight, ACH or direct delivery if the dealership is within driving distance or a reps area that day. Funding checks can also be made available for pickup if requested.

Yes, Carolina Finance, LLC does have a FTB program. Please see our SF program for more details or talk with a loan officer.

Yes, Carolina Finance, LLC does have warranty protection products and Gap protection product if the customer chooses one or both. We also are willing to finance dealer originated approved warranty protection policies and Gaps.

Our relationship with you is what is most important to us. We want to earn your business whether it be one deal/month or 6 or more deals/month. We do not expect to monopolize tons of business each month as there are many competing finance companies that serve various specialized niches€¦we are just one of many to help you sell more vehicles. We hope you will favor us for our customer service, experience, flexibility in certain situations, competitive callbacks, quick funding and overall likability. We treat every dealer like family and appreciate any opportunities to do business with you and earn your respect.

Carolina Finance, LLC typically opens its branch @ 8:30am and closes ~5:30 or 6:00pm M-F. Branch managers and/or other loan officers are always available by cell for after-hours business. A loan officer or Branch manager is always available to look and discuss applications on Saturdays by cell as well. We want to be available when you are open and we do not want a customer leaving your dealership if we can put a deal together while they are still there.